Nowadays, online shopaholics can be found in every family. The exclusive offers, top brands and unbelievable discounts excite almost every person who loves the e-commerce facility. Consumers are usually found more concerned about the products that they are buying rather than the mode of payment. However, strategically, one must be putting more consideration on the payment options. There are exclusive offers and advantages of using credit cards for online shopping. The top credit cards in India provide a secure and convenient payment option along with additional discounts and offers. The ones who already use credit cards must know that there are certain factors that should be kept in mind while making the payments and also that how important are they. Let us then have a look at the 4 major factors that one must consider while shopping online with credit cards.

Rewards on spendings

For a consumer, the best credit card for online shopping is the one that provides maximum perks and rewards. Online shopping portals generally offer additional benefits like cashback and discounts on payments made through credit cards. Different banks provide different offers to please their customers as well as make sure that they are benefited with its usage. In some cases, banks also provide reward points on certain purchases which can be redeemed later to avail exciting offers and even to pay for further purchase. One must consider all these offers which are available and then proceed with the transaction. These rewards can be extremely helpful as savings and spendings both can be made possible.

Security against fraudulent

For online shopping, one needs to provide card details for a successful transaction. This can be a bit risky sometimes as all the shopping portals are not trustworthy. However, leading credit card companies offer fraud-monitoring facilities through which one’s transactions are completely protected. Also, if there is any suspicious account activity, the company temporarily blocks the card until the matter is resolved. This saves the car user from falling prey to frauds as well as harassment that can be caused by theft. One must consider if his credit card has this feature or not before using it for online shopping.

EMI facility

What good is a credit card if it does not provide EMI facility? Well, to be the best credit card for online shopping, the card must have this feature. Although most of the online shopping sites provide EMI facilities if the purchase is made through a credit card, there are only a few that offer no-cost EMI options. Moreover, only a few big names among the credit card companies that offer EMI facility on the outstanding amount of your card. That is, if a product has an exclusive offer on one-time payment then a consumer has the option to pay at once using his credit card, and then he can convert his outstanding bill into an easy EMI payment option.

Protection on purchase

Purchasing with credit cards can help you avail facilities like protection on your purchase and extended warranty coverage. Electronics and durable goods come with a defined warranty period which is common to all. However, some credit cards offer extended warranties and protection against damage/theft if the transaction is made via it. This does not only enhances the shopping experience one has but also the worth of the expenditure. Yes, there are offers like these available on certain credit cards and one must consider these before confirming a purchase so as to reap maximum benefits.

The best credit card for online shopping is the one that not only provides exclusive offers and benefits but also protects consumer interests. Today, credit card companies take care of all these factors so that customers can become more reliant and aware of the benefits of the cards.

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