Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Through Indexation

Recently, discussion has been brewing regarding additional tax cuts that would benefit, for the most part, the wealthiest top 1%. According to several news sources, the Trump administration is mulling over whether or not an additional $100 billion dollar tax cut, through indexing capital gains, could be implementing without congressional […]

What Is Your Share of Government Debt?

It’s that time of year where we review the impact of government debt on individual tax payers. It is important to remember who is on the hook for government’s reckless spending binges. Whenever we hear politicians make campaign promises, they sound like they are spending their money. But government doesn’t […]

Benefits of Credit Card Machines for Business

Other than credit card machines, technology has produced many notable effects, including the credit card machine. In the 21st century, people open themselves up to technology from the very center of their being. It has the added benefit of leading to an increase in the use of credit and debit […]

Making a Change

After four (and plus) years of hard work, studying, and learning, college graduates are ready to take on the world and begin their career. However, these college graduates are faced with obstacles not far after graduation. After studying for years and majoring in a field, their career should be ready […]